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Looking for Rare Music?

Hey guys,
So, I'm posting this to all communities that I think would be interested. If you're looking for rare albums and such, check out this page: http://www.allrespect.com/collection_search.php?biggest
There's a search box on the right side. You can type in a band name or album name that you're looking for.

It's kinda hit or miss, depending on what you're looking for, but I did some searches with very positive results. For instance, if you're a Foo Fighters fan, I found all these albums:
In Your Honor - Owned by 3 members
One by One - Owned by 3 members
The Colour And The Shape - Owned by 2 members
There Is Nothing Left to Lose - Owned by 2 members
Foo Fighters - Owned by 2 members
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace - Owned by 2 members
Skin and Bones - Owned by 2 members
We Will Rock You - Owned by 1 members
U.F.O.O. Ecstasy - Owned by 1 members
Brain Damage - Owned by 1 members
Five Songs and a Cover - Owned by 1 members
Echoes Silence Patience & Grace - Owned by 1 members
Skin & Bones - Owned by 1 members
Late!Pocketwatch - Owned by 1 members
With Compliments to Eddie - Owned by 1 members
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LIVE ВИДЕО The White Stripes

The White Stripes - Blue Orchid (live)                                   http://depositfiles.com/files/4212641

The White Stripes - Icky Thump(live)                                    http://depositfiles.com/files/4213116

The White Stripes - Effect and House(live)                            http://depositfiles.com/files/4213304

The White Stripes - Wasting My Time(live)                          http://depositfiles.com/files/4213402

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army(live)                       http://depositfiles.com/files/4213625

The White Stripes - Little Cream Soda(live)                          http://depositfiles.com/files/4213853

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Rock Music Community Open to Public

I was invited to this rock music community a while back. At the time, the site was by invite only, but it's now open for anyone to sign up. Here's the site: http://www.allrespect.com/

It's pretty cool and let's you find other people who share your same taste in music. You can also get music news and find others going to the same concert shows. You can even add a little form to your LJ page to compare your visitor's taste in music with your own. I got one on my LJ if you wanna see.

Anyway, I'm rambling... just thought I'd share this with the community! Later.
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Go to Concerts?

Another update for what is becoming one of my frequented sites, www.AllRespect.com. They recently added a new Concerts feature. The idea is for you to find other concert goers who are attending the same concerts and then share videos, mp3s, photos, etc. from that show.

The feature is not really being used, but I think it's a good idea, so I'm helping spread the word here. Anywhere, there are still some more invites left to join the new music community. Here's the link:

Enjoy, folks.
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Hi, Everyone!!!

Ever since I saw the "Get Behind Me Satan" poster, I just knew I had to get The White Stripes in my life!!! I love the band sincerely. I'm really glad I found this community. The first song I ever listened to was "White Orchid." But after buying the album, I immediately loved, "Take, Take, Take."

A big hug to all the White Stripes fans out there!!! There aren't much fans here where I come from.

"My heart is in my mouth and that was all that I needed..."
-Take, Take, Take

p.s. Jack is hot, btw. ^_^
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My Tatto

Hello To All.

About a year ago I first heard The White Stripes on a cable tv music channel when they played a bunch of their vidoes. And I instantly loved them.

I really like how they use and pay tribute to many diferent musicial styles while creating an unquie sound that they can only do. I love the various beats they create to accompany their songs. My favoite song is "My Doorbell".

Well I look forward to reading entries here.
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Chance to Meet the White Stripes!

How far would you travel to meet the White Stripes? If you missed the live webcast from their set at Bonnaroo, check out the exclusive webcast of their live performance from “Icky Thump Records” in Los Angeles, CA. It’s on June 20 from 8-9 pm PST.
Plus, enter to win this unique White Stripes contest: one lucky winner and a guest will get to meet the band, sit in the VIP section at their show, and see them perform live- in the Great White North - Anchorage, Alaska!
For all the details, visit AT&T blue room mainstage!